Dear prospective Yacht Owner

Dear prospective Yacht Owner

We would like to introduce you to our yacht ownership program. This program is called, managed fractional yacht ownership. Professional Yacht Partners arranges and manages multi owner private luxury Yachts in the Southern California area.

With our program, you may become an owner of a luxury yacht, use it as you please for 10-25 scheduled weeks each year (depending upon your particular ownership), and pay only a fraction of the total cost of private ownership. In comparison, PYP yacht ownership costs about a third as much as chartering a comparable yacht.

As an owner of a PYP managed yacht, you are not responsible for maintenance, repairs, refueling, clean-up, operations crew, or bookkeeping. You just tell us when and where you would like to go, and we’ll take care of the rest. You may also take advantage of some of the additional services offered by PYP, such as custom provisioning for your trip.

Each yacht managed by PYP is assigned to a specialist who is experienced in yacht management and who will be the owner’s personal contact for all purposes. PYP yacht management services are uniquely designed to take over all the responsibilities of yacht ownership, which can be overwhelming for even the most experienced yachtsmen. Whether you are brand new to boating, or an experienced sailor, being an owner in a PYP managed yacht enables you to enjoy yachting safely, comfortably, and affordably, regardless of your level of experience. Your licensed Captain sees to all the navigation, operation, repairs, and maintenance, so you may totally enjoy your time on board. Also, you may participate in the yachts operation, as much or as little as you desire.

Our fractional yacht management program makes owning a luxury yacht an affordable and trouble free opportunity. Also, for a small fee, Professional Yacht Partners will handle all the details if you decide to resell your ownership. Visit one of our yachts, speak with us, and find out how affordable and carefree owning a luxury yacht can be.


Professional Yacht Partners

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